Used Auxiliary Power Unit for sale Houston TX. Fits on all Semi-Truck Tractors.

  • We offer an used Auxiliary Power Unite for Semi Truck. A device to replace the main engine from idling when the truck is at rest.

This used auxiliary power unit or APU comes from Freightliner Cascadia 2016 working truck after accident. The unit location in Houston Texas. It is a complete assembly with evaporator, compressor, condenser, hose, wires, control. Save on diesel when you hauled at rest area in cold or hot weather. It will return on your investment fast after you calculate how much diesel your 18 wheeler consume per hour.

Used APU unit for Freightliner Cascadia for sale galena park independent school district, tx

Carrier Transicold makes Comfort Pro diesel auxiliary power unit for sale (APUs) . They are designed to provide truckers who drive 18-wheeler Semi-Truck Tractors in a cold or hot climates. with the best performance and reliability available. These APUs are equipped with a powerful, yet fuel-efficient diesel engine. That can run for up to 10-12 hours on the internal battery. The small engine Kubota is also designed to be quiet and vibration-free, making it ideal for overnight rest stops in Texas or elsewhere.. In addition, the Comfort Pro APU features an advanced air conditioning system that provides superior cooling and heating capabilities in all climates. Having a control module for example.

The used  Comfort Pro APU also offers a variety of convenience features such as remote start/stop capability, automatic temperature control, and low-voltage protection. This makes it easy for truck drivers to maintain their comfort while on the road.

Heavy duty truck’s engine like Cummins ISX 15 , Cat 12,13, 15, Paccar MX13 or MX11 consumes about 1.-1.5 g/hour. APU [auxiliary power unit] Comfort Pro for heavy duty trucks consumes about 0.07 -.011 gallon an hour of diesel fuel.

Proving cool or warm air while you rest in TX. In addition, it charges main batteries and keep engine warm. Having current diesel cost 4.5-5$/g you can get ROI under 7-10 month. Installation might take a full day.

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Although, this used small Kubota engine comes from 2016 Freightliner Cascadia. It is universal APU can be installed to almost any commercial truck or other equipment running on diesel.

Once the truck engine is turned off and the ComfortPro electric APU is activated, fuel savings and anti-idling regulations compliance are instant. With the cab heater installed, the system’s fuel consumption when heating is necessary is only around 0.06 g/h.

It will last as auxiliary power supply for 8-12 hours. Depends on condition and T use, heating will be a bit longer than cooling.

APUs are powered by batteries and offer silent performance. This used  APU (unit) is capable of providing power for up to 10 to 12 hours of air conditioning operation – or even longer when it is used for the heating system on a Commercial conventional sleeper truck.

An APU, when the commercial truck engine is turned off, can maintain climate control and provide power on board. It will keep the engine warm while maintaining a comfortable temperature in the conventional sleeper cabin. .It can also charge the batteries while supplying power to lamps, radios, and  truck outlets.

An APU can keep your engine and coolant temperatures at their ideal levels, as well as recharge the main battery. On a Semi Truck, either 4 or 8 batteries are installed.

.The APU can prevent diesel fuel gelling by taking advantage of the truck’s fuel line circulation.

The APU can prevent fuel gelling by using the truck’s fuel line circulation. It will shut down automatically if a fire is detected. There is a low amount of oil pressure. Oil temperature is too high / Error or fault.

If you took a decibel meter  inside the conventional truck cab when running on Comfort Pro Auxiliary power unit. It would read approximately 61 dBA with no other sound present in the cab at the moment.