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Complete used engine Detroit Diesel DD15 14.8L  2013

Good takeout used DD15 engine for sale near Houston TX from 2015 Freightliner Cascadia 125

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After a quick check by your expert mechanic. You realize that this truck requires an engine replacement. You decide it is safer to buy a used engine or a head, but where do you start?

First, you need to know the categories of Heavy-duty diesel truck engines for sale engines. These engines are considered to be for vehicles with gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of above 8,500 lbs. Diesel engines used in these vehicles are further sub-divided into classes using GVWR:

•    Light heavy-duty diesel engines (LHDDE) 8,500 – 19,500 lbs.
•    Medium heavy-duty diesel engines (MHDDE) 19,500 – 33,000 lbs.

•    Heavy heavy-duty diesel engines (HHDDE) above 33,000 lbs.

Some of the commons types of engines that manufacturers install these trucks. Are Cummins ISX Engines, Detroit Diesel DD4 and DD5 engines, and Caterpillar C12, C13, C15.

Second, determine the category and the class of your truck using GVWR.

Third, determine the engine type you need. However, before paying the bucks, check a few boxes before buying the engine.

Do the usual checks you would do when buying any type of used car or machinery. Find out why it’s being sold. Review the maintenance history and the oil change records. Is the engine accident-free? If yes, are there any peculiar items like rust? The safest bet is to look for an engine from an established second-hand dealer.

Once you are done with the basic checks, research the engine model’s track record. This is essential because each engine model has its own notorious issues. If you are considering the Cummins ISX15. The flattened camshafts which are caused by faulty lockers are a common problem. Leaks in the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) Valve and issues with the EGR system are common too.

Since this is really difficult to diagnose.  it would be great to go with your expert mechanic to examine the engine. He can also check whether camshafts have been replaced. Which tends to result in camshaft timing wedge issues.

If considering Detroit Diesel DD Engines especially Series 60 engines. Build before 2002, faulty wrist pins. That leads to the separation of the piston pin and crown are common. Consequently, the connecting rods tend to disconnect as well. One of these loose things can damage the engine block. Thus have a thorough check of the engine block for dents, cracked chambers, or repaired holes. Check for bent rod and valves too.

DD engines can have throttle problems caused mainly by the change of engine brakes. If there has been a change, the maintenance record might reveal this.  They may need reprogramming. Like most engines here. DDs to have an issue with their EGR cooler systems. The most visible thing is a coolant leak.

Since this might be hard to see, overheating might occur after you buy the engine. The 14L Series 60 engine, in particular, is notorious for having this EGR system issue. This may require you to get a warranty. Another factor to consider for DD engines is their infamous poor fuel economy.

One of the main issues of the Caterpillar Engines is the PDF. A  diesel particulate filter designed. To catch soot and other exhaust contaminants from polluting the environment. It is problematic if dirty and you will need your expert mechanic to check that for you.

Another problematic Caterpillar component is the EGR system. As with all the diesel engines discussed above, the EGR systems can be a nightmare. The best solutions are to have an expert check it and to request for a warranty from the dealer.

Other hacks are to get good insurance for the engine. Request for a warranty extension if applicable as some issues might occur later. It doesn’t mean that you mustn’t buy without warranty. A return policy in written form could a way to protect your purchase. Consider the availability of parts and budget for repairs. Now you are set to go. Go get that engine replaced.